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Excellent Space Experiance...

...of doom! This was nicely animated, I enjoyed it quite a bit! The animation style was silly while still being able to hold some mystery. Keep it up! I'd love to see more from you.

Wow, pretty good for your PHIRST TIEM!

You wanna join AuraCore?

You look pretty promising, joining AuraCore would really help you out, we have plenty of experienced animators here!

P.S. I'm going to harass you until you join.


That is NOT what I was expecting and now I am scared...

The animation and effects weren't that great and I was about to blam it... but then I saw the really trippy part and now I'm disturbed...


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Can't say I got very far, my ship became invincible after using a bomb, even after going to the next level. An error popped up while I was playing as well(I'm using the debug version of Flash), wish I copied it so I could show it to you guys. I simply love the minimal menu design, and the particle effects that are going on. Beyond that, I can't say I enjoyed the game, but the game couldn't be played as intended so I can't really speak much on the merits of the game itself.

ZEGMAN responds:

Thanks for the review, that's very strange :(

Very nice!

Very clean and focused art style! I enjoyed how I could see all of the mechanics and workings inside the planets when I entered them. The puzzles were challenging but still fun, still a little short though. Terrific job!


Dude... How did you get this to run so fast?

Very effecient coding, very optimal. Very nice work.

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I didn't know you made music!

Wow, this is pretty good! Keep it up!

Awesome job

Lovin' this! Been listening to it as I study. It's got a very epic feel to it!

Keep it up!

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

I could never study epically
Thanks though Tarienn, glad it works for ya B]

YAY! Sounds great!

Love your music dude!

You have an incredible sense of rythmnnsmnsmnsmns. This piece in particular is making me feel really chill. Even though the beat is repetitive it doesn't sound bad at all, you make this really work 110.1%!

Come and work with us again sometime!... Well besides with robot day...


SHADOWFOX2 responds:

I'd love to work with the AuraCrew again on many other things in the future
I was thrilled to work with Jeinu on the last submission and loved the outcome :]

Redwood is supposed to be the more calmer of the two I have so far
More for chilling by the fireside chatting about how nice your fireplace looks or working on somethin'
I think good repetition was my aim for this one here, but I'm glad you think I made it work 8D

Robot Day here we come, alright, YEAH, OKAY....LOL
Thanks for stoppin' by Tarienn :]

I make games, raise farm animals, vape weed and fix computers from the 80's.

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