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Tarienn's News

Posted by Tarienn - June 17th, 2018



Posted by Tarienn - January 8th, 2016



Posted by Tarienn - December 26th, 2015

1369660_145118597553_salem-preview.pngYou made it through the original? Heh, good luck on the new version, Hunter.

Posted by Tarienn - July 20th, 2013

This is a repost of some news we posted on the mar-bleTeam blog.

Learning things is great... mostly. On the one hand, you learn how to make a really great game. And on the other, you learn that the game you've been working on sucks. So we've decided that Home needs a bit more development, and we're changing the type of game it's going to be.

Let me back up. Development for Home started out great! We were all passionate, had ideas for what we wanted, and above all, we had a really great team. But we missed something, we didn't really have a vision for what we wanted to end up with. So development slowed to a crawl, and passion dwindled pretty rapidly.

The other day I was working on programming Home, and I started to realize. Something felt off, and it had for sometime. Working on Home felt like a chore, but I kept telling myself; "After I finish this, we can work on something cool!". I don't even need to explain what's wrong with that picture. If I could be working on something more exciting and more fulfilling, I should be doing it now. I finally admitted to myself that something was wrong, and we needed to do something about it. Fortunately, when I talked with the rest of my team, we all felt the same way.

So we're taking a step back, taking a deep look at why Home is the way it is, and improving it. Using everyone's passion and creativity, we'll make this a project that we can be proud of. Home will NOT be a missed opportunity.

Why did this happen? Well, the simple answer is that we had one person making all the decisions. We were all feeding off of his vision, passion etc. Instead of bringing our own to the table. But that's as far an explanation as I can make right now. For those interested, expect to have a full blog post about the follies and hardships we overcame during this project sometime after Home is released.

Just know that we at mar-bleTeam learned a very important lesson about friendship and sharing. And we're bringing Home back up to full speed!

A NOTE TO BETA TESTERS: I will be contacting all of you, and explaining the situation. We, and I especially, appreciate your patience with us!

tl;dr Realized Home sucks, making a lot of changes. Home's gonna be the shit. Thank you for putting up with us.

Posted by Tarienn - March 13th, 2013

From our next game, HOME. Where three lovable characters solve puzzles to get HOME. Will you help them get HOME? Find out, in HOME!

An Odell Atkinson Game

Posted by Tarienn - November 5th, 2012

Keep up with us at http://blog.mar-bleteam.com/ ! We'll post regular dev updates, behind the scenes, and teasers and other special crap!

Melee combat, side-quest, shops, crafting, open world, sound good? good.



Posted by Tarienn - September 6th, 2012

Salem is now available on ArmorGames: http://armorgames.com/play/13845/salem

A few bugs popped up in release that didn't in Beta testing, so those will be fixed soon. But all in all I'm pretty proud of how it turned out! A Newgrounds version is coming up next with medals and hookers.

I'll also be writing a postmortem of Salem, and I'll talk about what I've learned through the development process and how I went about selling it. It will be available on the mar-bleTeam blog next week: http://blog.mar-bleteam.com.

Salem coming to Newgrounds

Posted by Tarienn - August 3rd, 2012

Salem has been completed as of a few days ago! Still waiting for offers for sponsorship on FlashGameLicense, although I haven't recieved many new bids in the last week. It's starting to worry me a bit, but I will persevere! I'm very happy with the way it turned out, and it couldn't have turned out the way it did without everyone in the team. I can't wait for everyone to be able to play it.

I can't release the game just yet, but I can release the soundtrack! It contains 17 tracks, and is out on band camp


So pick it up, or just have a listen if you want to hear what awesome music went into the game!

Included some badass art I got from Robson.

Salem is finished!

Posted by Tarienn - January 27th, 2012

Whoa, it's been more than a year! How have you been Newgrounds?... Really?!... Sorry to hear that...

Well then, in my absence I've become pretty proficient in several programming languages, including Actionscript 3, so I thought I'd make a game with my old AuraCore buddies. It's a game about a Demon hunter named Anselm and his best Demon buddy Zipp, it's a platformer that's pretty story driven so expect cutscenes of the dialoguey variety and versa vice. I'm looking for sponsors, so if anyone has any advice or if you are a sponsor, then good for you.

Also, I might be in the market for other Actionscript projects, so contact me if you need help with your game. I'm not cheap, but I'm not untameable despite my wild and rougish appearance.

Just thought I'd give an update on what I've been working on. That's it really.


Posted by Tarienn - October 6th, 2010

I mean "Helo"

5 bucks to the first person who gets this reference.

Sing them aglorious tune, Jon! Sing from yorhart.

New Halo!